Infrastructure Security

Trustsec’s security practitioners spend most of their careers buried in data-center environments. Consequently, we have developed a strong familiarity with data-center infrastructure and security best-practices. In this context infrastructure includes bare-metal and VM host systems. There is a myriad of security functions that surround the protection of server infrastructure such as patching, malware tools, host-based firewalling, bandwidth rate-limiting to prevent DoS attacks, etc.


In todays virtualized server environments, security needs to extend to the hypervisor to ensure data inspection between VM’s on the same host or leveraging technologies such as distributed firewalls for data protection between hosts or data-centers. Micro-segmentation is another key security construct that can minimize the amount of data leaving the host or potentially on a converged system, etc.

Trustsec has highly skilled data-center and data-center security practitioners on our team which can provide and tailor the right infrastructure security solution for your needs.