Private Cloud Development

Moving to a private cloud is a big step. Trustsec has an experienced team of Openstack professionals who can help move your compute services to your private cloud.

Open Stack Private Cloud

Virtualization of the data centre

Moving your compute needs to a private clouds can make a lot of sense, because of security or technical reasons, as well as financial. A cloud will allow you to grow or “scale” on demand as your compute needs increase. In complex operating environments, a move to a cloud platform requires planning. Because cloud management platforms are highly customizable, good information is needed during the design phase. With good information in, a great cloud can be built.

Trustsec Cloud Implementation Services

The Trustsec cloud team is made up of experienced senior cloud architects and implementers. Our team has extensive experience in storage architecture using ceph storage clusters. Networking with Neutron or Cisco ACI. Integrating Identity Management or Keystone services with corporate identity management. Grow out a large compute farms. Custom Heat templates, large data Hadoop (Sahara), compute node telemetry data (ceilometer), cloud monitoring & support with various open source software. We build clouds using upstream RDO Openstack releases such as Juno, Kilo or Liberty. We build clouds based on the Red Hat Openstack Platform as well. Which allows us to provide clients with a supported cloud platform which has enhanced features not found in the upstream RDO releases. We can make your private VMware farm grow from 100 guests to a highly customizable massive 50,000+ guest Openstack cloud.

What can Trustsec Cloud services do for you?

Requirements Gathering. Prior to building a private cloud, a thorough cloud requirements matrix needs to be produced. You tell us what you need, we then ask the important questions. The matrix address’s technical requirements like storage needs, networking topology, security requirements, user control/administration granularity, groups and departmental oversight, hypervisors, guest operating systems, image management, compute needs, anticipated P2V, over subscription thresholds, growth, and so on.

Design for TCO. Design a tailored cloud where old hardware can be leveraged and reused into Cloud “Availability zones”. Meaning older, out of support hardware as an example can be re-purposed and configured into a development availability zone, and new and expensive servers for production workloads zones. Our storage architects will re-use your older HDS, IBM or EMC arrays and configure them into storage clusters. These types of design decisions all directly impact your computing TCO.